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Client Comments

If you want a professional to handle your website needs, then hire Dee Taylor. She's fast, efficient, and she knows what she's talking about.

Michael Smart

When I started the idea of starting my solo private practice, I knew I needed to have a website but had absolutely no idea how. I was then introduced to Dee Taylor, a webmaster, and off we went!! She was patient and thorough, teaching me along the way. The best part about Dee, she let me use my ideas and desires and now I have a website that I just love. If you are thinking about having a website, please speak to Dee first. You won't regret it!!

Manjul Dixit, MD
Acute Allergy Asthma and Immunology of Atherton California

Dee Taylor worked with me on my website design and did a FANTASTIC job of interperting what I wanted. The whole job was done in a timely manner and I am VERY satisfied with their work and their price. They even hooked me up with a great hosting package. They really have some great talent over there at Cobalt and Dee is one of their best.

Dave Ellcey

The website that Cobalt Web Designs created for Woodfirst is so professionally done, I have had so many compliments on it. We have had more contacts because of this site than just using the newspaper for advertising.

I have recommended Dee to everyone I know & highly recommend her services to everyone. She is a great listener & a joy to work with to create your perfect website design.

Yvette Corwin co-owner
Woodfirst Mobile Mill

Dee was referred to me by the owner of a web-hosting company I have used and trusted for over 10 years. I consult to doctors who are referred to me by the American Medical Association, and whom sometimes need web sites built with an image that is appropriate to that profession. I am also an Editor for the topic of Medical Marketing for the Open Directory Project for English-speaking countries worldwide; a database used by Google, AOL, Yahoo, etc., which gives me insight into the work of many web-masters and the ways they screw-up their clients' web sites. Dee has never failed to deliver a quality product for my clients; on budget (big or small); and on time. I recommend her to you.

Keith Borglum

I had worked with Dee before, however this time we were building a site from scratch. Once again, Dee delivered with an attractive and easy-to-navigate professional site. Her suggestions, prompt service and the right price were very much appreciated.

Gayle Mitchell

I am a self-publisher who markets the book my husband and I co-authored. A few years ago, we decided to market our book on-line. With the help of an on-line book marketer, we set up our web site. We did not realize at the time that we were paying exorbitant fees, our site was not prominent on search engines, and our book was not selling on-line. We considered giving up and refocusing on old-fashioned marketing methods. Luckily, we decided to investigate local web site designers. What a fortunate decision that was because we discovered Dee Taylor at Cobalt Web Designs. I called Dee and explained our problems to her. She listened intently, then paraphrased our situation so that we -- as cyber-naive as we were -- understood it better. She went to work and soon had transferred our web site to a new host and our domain names to a new registrar. We could not believe the money she saved us! And her fee was nominal, compared to what we had been paying. The quality of her work was outstanding.

She turned on her creative juices and threw herself at redesigning our site. She changed it to a lively, colorful, professional work of art that is bound to attract buyers.

When you’re not an expert in a technical field, finding a professional you can trust is critical. With what she has done for us in a short period of time, we feel very lucky to have Dee on our team.

Lori and Scott Mangold
Co-authors, The Professional Pet Sitter Pawsitive Press

My husband and I are clients of Dee Taylor and her business, Cobalt Web Designs; which includes computer tutoring and troubleshooting. We would like to say that we are very satisfied customers.

We have used Dee for her help and expertise with our personal computer at home; but, also her help in building our website online for our business, Classic Casseroles and Kitchen.

We would like to state we HIGHLY recommend her. She was actually referred to us by a close friend who stated wonderful things about her. That prompted our phone call to her for help.

Dee is professional; yet so personable. She is so knowledgeable too, and has always been so understanding to our needs; offering ideas, and such a great and flexible person to do business with.

Once again, Dee gets our highest recommendation of a person to call on for help with all one's needs in the computer help area; whether it being help with a home computer or any business needs; including, website construction and maintenance. She is really and truly the best. I am attesting to this whole-heartedly!!!

Toni L. Henselman
Classic Casseroles and Kitchen

I was in trouble with our company website! I had gone as far as I was able and needed some web design expertise. I found Dee Taylor who organized our site and made the changes/additions as requested in a few days and at half the price I was being charged previously. She was a delight to work with and I will be back in the future.

Gayle Mitchell
Casino Players Workshop & Seminars-publishers

When I recently decided to have a web site created for my business, I wanted it to look highly professional, yet simple to understand and easy for a person to move around throughout the site. I chose Dee Taylor because samples of her work showed me she could easily create the best and most professional web site for my business. Dee has done an outstanding job and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants a web site created that he or she can be very proud to have on the internet.

Suzanne Joyce
Beyond Limitations

I hired Dee Taylor to be my "web mistress" in January of 1999 in order to establish a presence on the internet for my editing business. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Dee is always there, available to answer questions or solve problems with understanding and unending patience. She is extremely good at what she does and keeps up with the industry in order to assist her clients to the best of her ability, which is considerable. I recommend Dee to anyone contemplating setting up a website or merely to answer computer questions and guide a prospective client through the intricacies of doing business on line. I have already referred her to several people in need of such services and will continue to do so with the highest level of confidence in her abilities.

Nicole A. Bentley
A-1 Editing Service

How fortunate am I to have such a talented friend to solve my problems. I am truly grateful for Dee's help and patience, and am sure my blood pressure will improve as I discard all the frustration and exasperation. Computing will now be a joy again.

Kay White

This is for all of those "adventurous" souls thinking about a website but afraid to take that first step... let Dee lead the way through the website jungle and she will guide you to another world. Dee and I started together in 1997. She was able to transform my ideas for a website into reality. Dee is great to work with and as my ideas change she is able to grasp what I am thinking and turn it into a work of art. She is continually there for my "sudden" changes and additions and for those last minute, middle of the night ideas. She is always there for brainstorming and is honest in her opinions. Dee also designed the database used for our agency. She listened for hours on end about my ideas and needs and once again transformed a dream into reality. Through her database design we are able to assist our clients in locating properties to fit their lifestyle within a matter of minutes. I will continue to use the talents that Dee has to offer in database and website design. I highly recommend her services.

Bobbie Carlson
Owner of Britalia, Plus

Dee has vision. She took a lot time to research what we were all about and then she created what we consider to be a cyber masterpiece. Dee is great at keeping in touch with us and takes the initiative to create updates as needed. We are beyond thrilled with the results that Dee has given us...I highly recommend her services.

Catherine Olson

To whom it may concern: I have a website at I responded to an ad of Cobalt Web Designs when I was unhappy with the service that I was receiving elsewhere. I am very happy that I made the change. Cobalt has been very prompt in serving my site and always fair in billing. I recommend Cobalt highly.

Ken Anderson
BuySell Marketing

Dee Taylor at Cobalt Web Designs created a very professional and extremely well done website for my business. Since I've had the website, my business has, at the very least, doubled. The compliments on the site are overwhelming. The most common compliment I get is, that I have the most well done, informative, and easy to read site out of any that they have looked at in my field. Not only is her work exceptional, but her prices are reasonable and she maintains and updates my site, usually within a few hours from the time I send her the updates. This I feel is invaluable.

Sue Ross
Oregon Retrievers

Our website was designed and implemented by Dee Taylor at Cobalt Web Designs. We had a basic idea of what our website should look like. Dee took our ideas and made them become a reality. We wanted a website that was easy to read, easy to navigate from one screen to another, and easy to contact our firm through e-mail. Dee made the process from design through implementation affordable and stress free!

Dory Marquess
Chapple & Marquess, PC